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1. Gray wolf breeding is in late winter to early ___.
3. Hair falls out.
5. The subspecies of the gray wolf native to Mexico and the southwest U.S.A.
6. A wolf pack's home area.
8. A large mammal that sometimes attacks wolves.
10. Scapegoat (picked on) wolf.
11. Wild gray wolf eyes are usually some shade of ____.
12. A Great Lakes state with as many as 2,600 gray wolves.
13. A Great Lakes state with 300 or so gray wolves.
16. Wolves were placed on the ____ Species List in 1967.
19. Researcher that studied the wolves of Mount McKinley during the 1940s.
21. A group, usually a family, of wolves.
23. There is a ____ zone between wolf territories.
25. Researcher that studied Minnesota wolves in the 1920s and 1930s.
27. The birth place of a litter of wolf pups.
28. The species name of the red wolf is Canis ____.
30. The country that has the most gray wolves in North America.
31. A gland found in front of a wolf's tail.
36. A type of behavior of underlings toward higher-ranked wolves.
38. A possible place for wolf reintroduction in the eastern U.S.A.
39. Time of ovulation.
41. Red wolves have been reintroduced into ____ Carolina.
42. The main prey of Quebec wolves.
43. Large, blocky feet, long legs, and a narrow chest are wolf ____ adaptations.
44. The scientist that started the Isle Royale wolf research.


2. Historically, the gray wolf is only a ____ hemisphere mammal.
3. Some of the smallest gray wolves are found here.
4. Scent ____ is a form of chemical communication.
7. Isle ____ is the site of a long term wolf-prey study.
9. Newborn wolf pups cannot regulate their body ____.
14. Canis ____ is the scientific name for the Ethiopian wolf.
15. Gray wolves do not ___ as much as domesticated dogs.
17. White-tailed ____ are the main prey of Minnesota wolves.
18. Wolves killing livestock.
20. A wolf that lives by itself.
22. Characteristic bladelike teeth of carnivores.
24. After birth, wolf pups must stay in a den for ____ weeks.
26. Wolves leaving their packs.
29. A viral disease that kills wolf pups.
32. The gray wolf is a flesh-eating mammal or ____.
33. The extinct dire wolf or Canis ____.
34. The species name of the gray wolf is Canis ____.
35. A type of wolf vocalization.
37. The main scent marking stuff.
38. Top wolf.
40. A type of wolf reintroduction release.


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