The Searching Wolf

Some Recent Magazine Articles

Alaskan Wolves

Beasley, Conger Jr.,
Alaskan wolf culling,
Buzzworm: The Environmental Journal 5(1):41 (Jan. 1993).

Bowermaster, David,
Howling time,
U.S. News & World Report 114(2):15 (Jan. 18, 1993).

A meeting debating the future of the Alaskan wolf.

Crane, Candace,
The aerial war on wolves,
Animals 125(3):34 (May 1992).

"Land-and-shoot" hunting of wolves in Alaska.

Grisanzio, James A.,
Big, bad wolf hunts,
Animals 129(2):38 (Mar. 1995).

Alaska's wolf killing.

Haber, Gordon,
The Toklat wolves: An enduring family lineage in peril,
Act*ionLine, Issue CV:30-35 (Summer 1999).

Haber, Gordon,
Denali wolves again denied protection,
Act*ionLine, Issue CXIII:10-15 (Fall 2001).

Harms, Cathie,
Wolves may be on the move in Alaska,
International Wolf 7(4):19 (Winter 1997).

Kerasota, Ted,
The great Alaskan wolf debate,
Sports Afield 216(5):12-13+ (Nov. 1993).

Keszler, Eric,
Wolves & big game: Searching for balance in Alaska,
American Hunter 21(5):38-39+ (May 1993).

Pacelle, Wayne,
Wolf control out of control,
Animals' Agenda 14(2):32-33 (Mar. 1994).

Alaska's ground-based wolf control policy is discussed.

Rosenberger, Jack,
Alaska's aerial wolf hunt grounded ... For now,
E: The Environmental Magazine 4(3):10 (May 1993).

Sherwonit, Bill,
Wolf showdown in Alaska,
Defenders 71(3):45-52 (Summer 1996).

Sims, Grant,
The wolves of Denali,
Alaska 57(6):22-24 (June 1991).

Williams, Ted,
Alaska's war on the wolves,
Audubon 95(3):44-50 (May 1993).

Arctic Wolves

Gibson, Nancy,
On wolf time in the high Arctic,
International Wolf 4(1):8-13 (Spring 1994).

Mech, L. David,
At home with the Arctic wolf,
National Geographic 171(5):562-593 (May 1987).

Mech, L. David,
The perils of living with wolves,
International Wolf 5(4):3-7 (Winter 1995).

Mech, L. David,
Wolf pack witness,
Audubon 98(6):78-87 (Nov.-Dec. 1996).

Petersen, Ulf Marquard,
The world's northernmost wolves,
International Wolf 7(4):9-11 (Winter 1997).

Attacks on Humans

Wolves and "child lifting" in India,
International Wolf 6(4):16 (Winter 1996).

Rennicke, Jeff,
Red Riding Hood's legacy,
Backpacker 23(3):26-29 (Apr. 1995).

How dangerous are wolves in the wild?

Tubbs, Nancy Jo,
Cry wolf: Tracking down an alleged wolf attack on a human,
International Wolf 4(2):6-10 (Summer 1994).

Attitudes about Wolves

Askins, Renee,
Releasing wolves from symbolism,
Harper's 290(1739):15-17 (Apr. 1995).

Fritts, Steven H.,
A greater tolerance: The coexistence of wolves and humans,
International Wolf 10(1):8-11 (Spring 2000).

Mech, L. David,
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
Audubon 92(2):82-85 (Mar. 1990).

Meyers, Cathy,
Wolf facts and friction,
Field & Stream (South Edition) 99(11):87 (Mar. 1995).

Emotions and superstition have led to hatred of wolves which
has contributed to a decline in their numbers.

Steinhart, Peter,
Taming our fear of predators,
National Wildlife 27(2):4-13 (Feb.-Mar. 1989).

Theberge, J.B.,
The future of the wolf: Biology or bioethics,
Seasons 29)15-20 (1989).

Thompson, Steve,
Will Wyoming warm to wolves?,
High Country News 29(17):13 (Sept. 15, 1997).

California Wolves

Geddes-Osborne, Alexandra and Malcolm Margolin,
Man and Wolf,
Defenders 76(2):36-41 (Spring 2001).

Schmidt, R.H.,
Gray wolves in California: Their presence and absence,
California Fish and Game 77(2):79-85 (1991).

Canadian Wolves

Yukon wolf-kill program resumed,
Animals' Agenda 15(2):9 (1995).

Carbyn, Ludwig N.,
Canada's 50,000 wolves,
International Wolf 4(4):3-8 (Winter 1994).

Sen, Sonja,
Wolves blamed for ecological imbalances,
Alternatives 21(2):10 (Apr. 1995).

The government of the Yukon Territory wants to kill some
wolves to revitalize the caribou population.

Struzik, Ed,
The art of loving wolves,
International Wildlife 24(1):18-23 (Jan. 1994).

How Canadian artists have rendered the wolf over
the years.

Watt, Eric,
Yukon wolf kill: The wildlife hot seat,
Canadian Geographic 114(1):12 (Jan. 1994).

Dog Evolution

Cohn, Jeffrey,
How wild wolves became domestic dogs,
Bioscience 47(11):725-728 (Dec. 1997).

Lange, Karen E.,
Wolf to woof,
National Geographic 201(1):2-11 (Jan. 2002).

Mestel, Rosie,
Ascent of the dog,
Discover 15(10):90-98 (Oct. 1994).

Morey, Darcey F.,
The early evolution of the domestic dog,
American Scientist 82(4):336-347 (Jul.-Aug. 1994).

European and Asian Wolves

Increase in Baltic wolves has hunters taking up arms,
International Wolf 6(4):17 (Winter 1996).

Bergman, Charles,
Spain's Wolf Wars,
International Wildlife 27(2):22-29 (Mar.-Apr. 1997).

Bibikov, Dimitri,
Wolves in Russia,
International Wolf 3(2):18-19 (Summer 1993).

Bleisch, Bill,
Asia present: The challenges among China's wolves,
International Wolf 9(4):6-8 (Winter 1999).

Boitani, Luigi,
Europe present: Restoring Europe's wolves,
International Wolf 9(4):10-12 (Winter 1999).

Eyck, Laura Ten,
Endangered in Europe: The big, 'bad' wolf,
Animals 127(1):8-13 (Jan. 1994).

The ability of European wolves to survive.

Gibson, Nancy,
The slow recovery of the "varg" in Sweden,
International Wolf 6(2):16-17 (Summer 1996).

Gibson, Nancy,
New study on Israel's wolves underway,
International Wolf 7(1):15-16 (Spring 1997).

Green, William,
The company of wolves,
New Scientist 141(1913 - suppl.):11-13 (Feb. 19, 1994).

Carpathian wolves.

Hell, Pavel and Jaroslav Slamecka,
The wolves of the Slovakian Carpathians,
International Wolf 7(2):14-15 (Summer 1997).

Jhala, Y.V.,
The Indian Wolf,
International Wolf 3(2):16-17 (Summer 1993).

Klaffke, Oliver,
The company of wolves,
New Scientist 161(2172):18-19 (Feb. 6, 1999).

Kypridemos, Nikitas,
Wolves and livestock: A letter from Greece,
International Wolf 4(4):13-14 (Winter 1994).

Lequette, B., T. Houard, M.L. Poulle, and T. Dahier,
The wolf returns to France,
International Wolf 5(4):8-9 (Winter 1995).

McNamee, Thomas,
The return of il Lupo,
Natural History 105(12):50-53+ (Dec. 1996/Jan. 1997).

About Italian wolves and wolf researcher Luigi Boitani.

McIntyre, Rick,
Wolves for Scotland?,
International Wolf 5(4):10-11 (Winter 1995).

McIntyre, Rick,
Wolf reintroduction in Japan?,
International Wolf 6(1):13-15+ (Spring 1996).

Meier, Tom,
Live-trapping wolves in the Golan Heights,
International Wolf 8(3):5-8 (Fall 1998).

Mueller, Cynthia,
Wolves eat watermelon,
International Wolf 3(3):10-13 (Fall 1993).

About wolf-watching in Israel.

Promberger, Christoph,
Project wolf,
BBC Wildlife pp. 70-76 (Jul. 1999).

About Romanian wolves.

Promberger, Christoph and Ovidiu Ionescu,
The Carpathian wolf -- Romania at its wildest,
International Wolf 6(1):16-17 (Spring 1996).

Quammen, David,
The Post-Communist wolf,
Outside XXV(12):88-96+ (Dec. 2000).

Romanian wolves.

Ron, Tamar,
Unique wolves in a conflict zone,
International Wolf 8(3):3-5 (Fall 1998).

About the wolves of the Golan Heights in northeastern Israel.

Spassov, Nikolai,
The wolf in Bulgaria,
International Wolf 4(2):17 (Summer 1994).

Spinney, Laura,
Return to the wild,
New Scientist 145(1960):35-38 (Jan. 14, 1995).

Movement to restore wolves to Scotland.

Stevenson, Carole,
Europe past: Europe remembers the wolf,
International Wolf 9(4):9 (Winter 1999).

Tubbs, Nancy jo,
The wolves of Iberia,
International Wolf 7(4):17-18 (Winter 1997).

Zhongxin, Gao with the editors of the International Wolf,
The present status of the wolf in China,
International Wolf 4(2):15-16 (Summer 1994).

General and Other Topics

Bass, Rick,
The future of America's predators,
Sports Afield 213(6):80-85 (Jun. 1995).

The future of America's large predators.

Brandt, Ellen,
How much is a gray wolf worth?
National Wildlife 31(4):4-13 (Jun.-Jul. 1993).

What is wildlife worth?

Carothers, Andre,
Will the wolf survive?,
E: The Environmental Magazine 6(4):64 (Jul.1995).

DeBoer, Kristin A. and Kathleen H. Fitzgerald,
Wolves know no boundaries: The need for United States-Canadian cooperation in protecting wolves and their habitat,
International Wolf 8(2):3-5 (Summer 1998).

Dekker, Dick,
Is "gray" wolf a misnomer?,
International Wolf 9(3):3-6 (Fall 1999).

France, Tom,
Wolf debate focuses on the use of public lands for livestock grazing,
International Wolf 11(3):16-19 (Fall 2001).

Grooms, Steve,
Legends of the "outlaw" wolves,
International Wolf 10(4):12-14 (Winter 2000).

Grooms, Steve,
Uncovering the realities behind "outlaw" wolf legends, Part II,
International Wolf 11(1):8-10 (Spring 2001).

Grooms, Steve,
Understanding the reclassification controversy,
International Wolf 11(2):4-7 (Summer 2001).

Harper, Liz,
Non-lethal wolf depredation control methods: How well do they work?
International Wolf 11(3):12-13 (Fall 2001).

Hinrichsen, Don,
Wolves around the world,
Defenders 73(4):6-13 (Fall 1998).

Leopold, Estella B.,
Why we need the wolf,
Defenders 73(4):41-42 (Fall 1998).

Little, Charles E.,
The old wild life,
Wilderness 54(193):10-16+ (Summer 1991).

Included is a presentation of how gray wolves were
eliminated from Yellowstone.

Locke, Harvey,
Yellowstone to Yukon,
Wildlife Conservation 99(5):24-31 (Sept.-Oct. 1996).

About keeping wildlife "highways" open.

Macys, Valerie,
Crying wolf: Farley Mowat, teller of tall tales,
International Wolf 6(4):3-6 (1996).

McNamee, Thomas,
Wolves of the world,
Natural History 105(12):54-55 (Dec. 1996/Jan. 1997).

Merrill, Samuel,
The wolves of Camp Ripley,
International Wolf 6(1):7-8+ (Spring 1996).

About wolves living on a National Guard training site.

Monks, Vicki,
Farm Bureau vs. nature,
Defenders 73(4):14-22 (Fall 1998).

"The attack on Yellowstone's wolves is part of a sweeping anti-environmental campaign" the Farm Bureau and others...

Paul, Bill,
Wolf depredation control in Minnesota,
International Wolf 11(3):11-12 (Fall 2001).

Selinger, Tom,
The wolf: Managing America's most revered and reviled resource,
The Boundary Waters Journal 2(3):9-11+ (Winter 1988).

Wolf management and depredation.

Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall,
Man's next-best friend,
The New York Review 42(19):28-30 (Nov. 30, 1995).

Tubbs, Nancy Jo,
Wildlands and the wolf,
International Wolf 10(1):4-7 (Spring 2000).

Wilkinson, Todd,
Return of the wolf,
Backpacker 21(5):16-18 (June 1993).

How to known if a wolf is in an area.

Isle Royale Wolves

Bower, Joe,
Isle Royale wolves rebound,
Audubon 97(6):22 (Nov. 1995).

Line, Les,
Watching wolves on a wild ride,
National Wildlife 39(1):20-27 (Dec.-Jan. 2001).

Mlot, Christine,
Isle Royale: End of an era?,
Science 261(5125):1115 (Aug. 27, 1993).

Peterson, Rolf,
Wolves increase on Isle Royale, moose crash,
International Wolf 6(2):18-19 (Summer 1996).

Peterson, Rolf,
The dance of death,
Earthwatch 15(3):17-20 (May/Jun. 1996).

Excerpted from Peterson's book The Wolves of Isle Royale
(Willow Creek Press, Minocqua, WI).

Peterson, Rolf,
Life on Isle Royale: Dramatic encounter ends with unexpected twist,
International Wolf 11(1):4-7 (Spring 2001).

Looking for Wolves

Baker, Alyson,
Five days in Yellowstone,
International Wolf 11(1):11-13 (Spring 2001).

Crowley, Kate,
Weekend with the wolves,
MPLS. St. Paul 19(1):20 (Jan 1991).

A weekend spent looking for wolves.

Hope, Jack,
The wolf close-up,
Good Housekeeping 219(1):95 (Jul. 1994).

Places to view packs of wolves.

Mech, L. David,
How can I see a wolf?,
International Wolf 5(1):8-11 (Spring 1995).

A guide to wolf viewing.

O'Gara, Geoffrey,
Way to Go: Wolf Watchers,
Sierra 84(3):28-29 (May-June 1999).

Watching wolves in Yellowstone National Park.

Varley, Nathan,
Wolfspotter's valley,
Defenders 74(3):18-20 (Summer 1999).

Watching wolves in Yellowstone National Park.

Mexican Wolf

Lost lobos,
Animals' Agenda 15(2):36-37 (1995).

About a future release of Mexican wolves in the southwestern

Mexican wolf returns to the wild,
Endangered Species Bulletin 23(2-3):12-13 (Mar.-Jun. 1998).

Death and new life among reintroduced Mexican wolves,
International Wolf 8(3):22 (Fall 1998).

Bass, Rick,
Halfway home,
Audubon 100(2):60-67+ (Mar.-Apr. 1998).

Brown, Wendy,
Mexican wolf recovery: On the border,
International Wolf 6(1):3-6 (Spring 1996).

Brown, Wendy M.,
Back from the brink of extinction: The Mexican wolf,
International Wolf 5(1):3-7 (Spring 1995).

Brown, Wendy M.,
Will el lobo return?,
Endangered Species UPDATE 12(10-11):SS20-SS21 (Oct.1995).

Easthouse, Keith,
Who's afraid of the Mexican wolf?,
Outside 21(2):20-21 (Feb. 1996).

Robinson, Michael J.,
Mexican wolf fate teeters between science and politics,
International Wolf 11(4):8-11 (Winter 2001).

Savage, Harlin,
It's go for El Lobo: Federal officials approve release of captive Mexican wolves,
Defenders 72(2):34 (Spring 1997).

Savage, Harlin,
Waiting for El Lobo,
Defenders 70(4):8-15 (Fall 1995).

Minnesota Wolves

Fritts, Steven H. and William J. Paul,
Interactions of wolves and dogs in Minnesota,
International Wolf 3(3):26-27 (Fall 1993).

Hart, John,
Keeping the wolf from the door,
International Wolf 9(2):3-6 (Summer 1999).

Wolves living near humans.

Lien, David A.,
Minnesota's Wolves: A Conservation Success Story...Almost,
The Boundary Waters Journal 11(3):5-7 (Winter 1997).

Mooney, Rick,
The trouble with timber wolves,
Field & Stream (South Edition) 100(4):66 (Aug. 1995).

About the concern Minnesota hunters have for wolves killing
deer and their wanting the timber wolf off the endangered species

Paul, Bill,
The great Minnesota wolf debate: Wolf depredation on livestock and pets in Minnesota,
International Wolf 8(2):17-19 (Summer 1998).

Route, Bill,
No easy answers: Effects of wolf population expansion on deer hunting in northern Minnesota,
International Wolf 8(3):19-21 (Fall 1998).

Route, Bill,
Managing Minnesota's wolves,
International Wolf 9(3):7-8, 10 (Fall 1999).

Schimpf, Ann,
Minnesota's wolf legend: It's a local issue with national implications,
Lake Superior Port Cities 6(2):26-28+ (Fall 1984).

Williams, Ted,
Living with wolves,
Audubon 102(6):50-57 (Nov.-Dec. 2000).

Natural History

Boehm, Frederick J., III,
The lone male wolf of the Sandhill Wildlife Area,
International Wolf 7(3):7-9 (Fall 1997).

"A young naturalist helps track a wolf to determine its diet".

Breining, Greg,
Hunters and the hunted,
International Wolf 7(3):10-12 (Fall 1997).

"Russian research provides insights into how predators select their prey."

Dekker, Dick,
Do wolves think? Part one,
International Wolf 6(3):7-10 (Fall 1996).

Dekker, Dick,
Predator or prey?: Observations on the relationships between wolves and other predators, Part two
International Wolf 6(4):7-10 (Winter 1996).

Gibson, Nancy,
Wolves: Engineers of biodiversity,
International Wolf 9(2):7-9 (Summer 1999).

Haber, Gordon,
Notes from the Toklat Den: The role of yearling wolves,
Act*ionLine, Issue CVI:32-36 (Fall 1999).

Hutchinson, Jay,
Strife among wolves: When aliens meet,
International Wolf 4(4):19-21 (Winter 1994).

Hutchinson, Jay,
Wolf sensory organs: How keen are they?,
International Wolf 6(2):20-22 (Summer 1996).

Hutchinson, Jay,
Denning: When wolves are in the family way,
International Wolf 8(2):20-21 (Summer 1998).

Hutchinson, Jay,
What is a wolf pack?,
International Wolf 8(3):23 (Fall 1998).

Licht, Daniel S.,
The vanished wolves of the Great Plains,
International Wolf 7(3):3-6 (Fall 1997).

Mech, L. David,
Howling with wolves,
International Wolf 6(3):3-6 (Fall 1996).

Olson, Denny,
Wolf: Looking into the eye of the beast,
The Boundary Waters Journal 3(4):21-24 (Spring 1990).

Smith, Douglas and Rick McIntyre,
How did the Druid Peak Pack get to be so big?,
International Wolf 12(1):4-7 (Spring 2002).

Wydeven, Adrian P.,
Travels of a Midwestern disperser,
International Wolf 4(1):20-22 (Spring 1994).

Wydeven, Adrian P.,
Travels of a Midwest disperser -- Part II,
International Wolf 5(1):22-23 (Spring 1995).


Callahan, Peggy,
Wildlife Science Center teaches young and old alike,
International Wolf 7(4):21 (Winter 1997).

Crane, Candace,
The wolf lady
Animals 129(1):32-33 (Jan. 1996).

Profile of Bobbie Holaday an activist working to restore the
Mexican wolf to Arizona and founder of Preserve Arizona's
Wolves (PAWS).

Maechtle, Kathy,
Idaho's Wolf Education and Research Center,
International Wolf 7(4):20 (Winter 1997).

Mech, L. David,
The wolves come home,
The Boundary Waters Journal 7(1):76-78 (Summer 1993).

About the International Wolf Center.

Robinson, Michael,
Wolf recovery in Colorado: Can a new campaign change federal
land policy and restore wolves?,
International Wolf 4(1):23-24 (Spring 1994).

About Sinapu, a group advocating restoration of wolves to Colorado.

Photographing Wolves

Brandenburg, Jim,
My dances with wolves,
International Wildlife 21(4):30-36 (Jul.-Aug. 1991).

Brandenburg, Jim,
In the company of wolves,
National Wildlife 33(1):4-11 (Dec.-Jan. 1995).

Sloan, Monty,
Wild About Wolves,
Popular Photography 59(6):71-79 (Jun. 1995).

Werner, Steve,
Outdoor Photographer 5(5):28-39+ (June 1989).

Jim Brandenburg photographing Arctic wolves.


Bugle Editor,
Wolves & Elk,
Bugle 13(4):105 (Fall 1996).

Introduction to a group of articles on wolves and elk.

Crabtree, Bob,
Claws and hooves in Yellowstone,
Bugle 13(4):117-120 (Fall 1996).

Glaser, Frank and Jim Rearden,
Wolves don't live by the rules,
Outdoor Life 187(1):54-55+ (Jan. 1991).

Hayes, Bob,
Hunters of moose,
International Wolf 3(2):6-9 (Summer 1993).

Hutchinson, Jay,
To catch a whitetail,
International Wolf 3(2):24 (Summer 1993).

Hutchinson, Jay,
Why not just move livestock-killing wolves?,
International Wolf 7(1):20-21 (Spring 1997).

McRae, Bill,
Their wolves and my elk,
Bugle 13(4):110-114 (Fall 1996).

Osthoff, Stuart,
Predator & prey realities,
The Boundary Waters Journal 4(3):48 (Winter 1990).

Osthoff, Stuart,
Hunting with the wolves,
The Boundary Waters Journal 8(3):12-16 (Winter 1994).

Petersen, David,
In praise of predators,
Bugle 13(4):106-109 (Fall 1996).

Turbak, Gary,
When Carnivores Clash,
National Wildlife 36(4):32-39 (Jun.-Jul. 1998).

Van Tighem, Kevin,
Brother Wolf,
Bugle 13(4):115-116 (Fall 1996)).

Wagner, Frederic H. and Mark S. Boyce,
Too many elk in Yellowstone?,
Bugle 14(5):76-89 (Winter 1998).

Two articles presenting different opinions about whether wolves and winter can properly regulate the number of elk in Yellowstone National Park: Wagner doesn't think wolves and winter can do this ("Eroded streambanks and vanishing aspen: Legacy of natural regulation?" pages 79-84; Boyce believes they can in "Let wolves and winter decide," pages 85-89.

Red Wolf

Bourne, Joel,
Hyde County's wolf war,
Defenders 70(2):10-17 (Spring 1995).

About a campaign to derail North Carolina's red wolf restoration.

DeBlieu, Jan,
Could the red wolf be a mutt?,
New York Times Magazine p. 6+ (Jun. 14, 1992).

Dillon, Tom,
North Carolina sees red over wolves,
Outdoor Life 194(5):92 (Nov. 1994).

About the bill allowing landowners to kill red wolves that seem
to be a threat.

Gilbreath, Jennifer,
A bright decade for the red wolf,
Endangered Species Bulletin 23(2-3):18-20 (Mar.-Jun. 1998).

Kidder, Chris,
Return of the red wolf,
Nature Conservancy 42(5):10-15 (Sept.-Oct. 1992).

Kreuzman, Joseph L.,
Red wolves return to Great Smoky Mountains,
National Parks 65(3-4):9-10 (Mar. 1991).

Manuel, John,
Red wolf showdown,
Audubon 97(2):22-24 (Mar. 1995).

Manuel, John,
Landowners see red,
Field & Stream (South Edition) 100(8):77 (Dec. 1995).

Nemecek, Sasha,
Return of the red wolf,
Scientific American 274(1):31-32 (Jan. 1996).

The controversy over red wolf taxonomy endangers protection

Nickens, T. Edward,
Canid Conundrum,
National Wildlife 40(1):22-27 (Dec.-Jan. 2002).

Coyotes threaten red wolves.

Phillips, Michael K.,
Red wolf reintroduction: The experiment succeeds,
International Wolf 3(3):4-8 (Fall 1993).

Rancourt, Linda M.,
Red Wolf Redux,
National Parks 71(5-6):47 (May-June 1997).

Waddell, Will,
AZA species survival plan profile: red wolves,
Endangered Species UPDATE 13(10 & 11):10-11 (Oct.-Nov. 1996).

Wayne, Robert K. and John L. Gittleman,
The problematic red wolf,
Scientific American 273(1):36-39 (Jul. 1995).

Is the red wolf a hybrid of the gray wolf and the coyote?


Yellowstone values, wildlife defended.
National Parks 69(3-4):10-11 (Mar. 1995).

Rebirth of Yellowstone's wolves,
National Wildlife 35(5):44-45 (Aug.-Sept. 1997).

Painting of Yellowstone wolf pups by John Seerey-Lester.

Begley, Sharon with Larry Wilson, Mary Hager, and Peter Annin,
Return of the wolf,
Newsweek 118(7):44-50 (Aug. 12, 1991).

Bean, Michael, J.,
Tenth Circuit Court upholds wolf reintroduction,
Endangered Species UPDATE 17(2):26-27 (Mar.-Apr. 2000).

Bestul, Scott,
Wolves fight the odds in Wisconsin,
E: The Environmental Magazine 6(2):16-17 (Mar. 1995).

Bourret, Larry, Renee Askins, and John Talbott,
Wolves for Wyoming?,
Wyoming Wildlife 56(1):8-23 (Jan. 1992).

Three articles, each expressing a different point of view on the
return of the wolf to Wyoming.

Brewster, Wayne G., Norman A. Bishop, Paul Schullery, and
John Varley,
The public has spoken: Wolves belong in Yellowstone,
International Wolf 5(2):3-5 (Summer 1995).

Carpenter, Betsy,
Precarious return of the wolf,
U.S. News & World Report 118(2):21 (Jan 16, 1995).

Will the wolves reintroduced into Yellowstone stay there?

Carpenter, Betsy with Lisa Busch,
The comeback wolves,
U.S. News and World Report 117(23):76-78 (Dec. 12, 1994).

Cecil, Maria,
The Wolf Prospect Brightens,
Defenders 72(1):28-33 (Winter 1996-97).

Chadwick, Douglas H.,
Montana's wolf recovery,
Defenders 70(1):18-27 (Winter 1994-95).

Chadwick, Douglas H.,
Return of the gray wolf,
National Geographic 193(5):72-99 (May 1998).

Cheater, Mark,
Wolf spirit returns to Idaho,
National Wildlife 36(5):32-41 (Aug.-Sept. 1998).

Cohn, Jeffrey P.,
Endangered wolf population increases,
BioScience 40(9):628-632 (Oct. 1990).

Corbett, Sara,
On the run with wolf B36,
The New York Times Magazine, Pages 66-69 (Oct. 29, 2000).

Couturier, Lisa,
Return of the native,
E: The Environmental Magazine 3(6):18-19 (Nov. 1992).

Yellowstone wolf restoration discussed.

Crane, Candace,
Return to the wild,
Animals 131(4):22-27+ (Jul.-Aug. 1998).

Daerr, Elizabeth G.,
A howling success,
National Parks 74(11-12):24-29 (Nov.-Dec. 2000).

Di Silvestro, Roger,
No longer top dog,
National Wildlife 34(6):14-23 (Oct.-Nov. 1996).

Effects of reintroduced wolves on the coyotes of Yellowstone National Park.

Diamond, Seth,
The prairie wolf returns,
International Wolf 4(1):3-7 (Spring 1994).

Dorsey, Lloyd,
Preserving corridors for all species,
International Wolf 11(2):11-13 (Summer 2001).

Fascione, Nina and Stephen Kendrot,
The northeastern wolf question,
Defenders 76(1):27-33 (Winter 2000-2001).

Ferris, Robert,
Will wolves return to the Olympic Peninsula?,
International Wolf 7(3):18-19 (Fall 1997).

Fischer, Hank,
The wolf settles in at Yellowstone,
Defenders 73(3):21-28 (Summer 1998).

Freyfogle, Eric T.,
Owning the wolf,
Dissent 41(4):481-487 (Fall 1994).

Private property and the return of the wolf to Montana and Idaho.

Gantenbein, Douglas,
The music of the woods,
National Parks 72(1-2):26-29 (Jan.-Feb. 1998).

"A proposal to return wolves to Olympic National Park is on the fast track."

Gerhardt, Gary,
Canis lupus comes home,
Defenders 70(1):8-14 (Winter 1994-95).

Gibson, Nancy,
The two sides of wolf restoration: Recolonization and reintroduction,
International Wolf 7(2):3-4 (Summer 1997).

Glowa, John,
Have wolves returned to the Northeast?
International Wolf 6(4):17-19 (1996).

Harrison, George,
Wolves of North America,
Sports Afield 206(6):56-59+ (Dec 1991).

The near extinction of wolves and their restoration is

Haas, Jeff,
Catching wolves without a piggin' string,
International Wolf 6(2):9-12 (Summer 1996).

About capturing wolves in British Columbia for the 1996
relocation effort.

Herring, Hal,
Wolves in America,
Bugle 17(5):112-122 (Sept.-Oct. 2000).

Yellowstone elk and reintroduced wolves.

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