The Searching Wolf looking for test questions in the good old summer time.

The Wolf Test

The Wolf Test is a computerized test on basic wolf information. It is a Windows program that has been tested using Windows 98 and XP. It works best at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

If you have a Mac, you can't use this test on it. But if any of you Mac people know of a Mac test shell, then tell me about it and I will gladly put the test into it for distribution here.

Download-Installation Instructions for The Wolf Test:

1. Download WOLFTEST.ZIP (about 531K) by clicking on this link.

If you do not have an unzip program, then download the four files found in the zip file here:

WOLFTEST.EXE (about 754K)

Right click on the picture files below and use the "Save Link As..." function.

WOLFTEST.JPG (about 75K)
WOLFEYES.JPG (about 88K)
WOLFBYE!.JPG (about 50K)

2. Use an unzip program such as PKUNZIP.EXE and unzip WOLFTEST.ZIP into a folder you have created, perhaps named "wolftest." After you unzip WOLFTEST.ZIP you should have WOLFTEST.EXE plus three picture files (WOLFTEST.JPG, WOLFEYES.JPG, and WOLFBYE!.JPG) in your chosen folder.

3. Go to the folder you unzipped WOLFTEST.ZIP into and click on the Wolf Test icon. The first thing you should see is the title screen. Press the "Enter" key and you get the "About" box. Press Enter again and you get my introduction to the test. Click on "Close" in the upper left corner of the Introduction window. For that action, you get a box where you can choose the number of random questions that you would like to attempt. Now you are off and running!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have problems with the explanation windows such as scroll bars appearing or scattered or incomplete text, I will gladly email you a copy of the test with bigger explanation windows.

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